Danny Dorling, Population 10 Billion

Review in progress of the new book by Danny Dorling, Professor of Human Geography, University of Sheffield.

Population 10 Billion : The Coming Demographic Crisis And How To Survive It (London: Constable, 2013)

I heard Danny Dorling speak (on the UK census) at a Population Studies (BSPS) conference in Nottingham in 2012. After many successful […]

Johnny Miles, Constructing the Other…

A version of this book review was published last year in Theological Books Review. Johnny Miles’ book contains some reflection on modern reception of the Bible, but not as much as I expected from the Reception genre. Instead it attempts to draw parallels between Israelite attitudes to foreign peoples, and some Americans’ views of […]

Summary of article from Quaker Studies journal

I was asked to write an “executive summary” of a prescribed article as part of the job application process at a Quaker research centre. I may as well post it here…

‘Theorising A Quaker View of the Atonement’, Quaker Studies 16/1 (2011) pp. 105-123, by T. Vail Palmer, Freedom Friends Church, Oregon. A summary by […]

Death in the Iron Age

This brief review by me appeared in the Journal of Old Testament Studies.

Some themes from the book are relevant to natalism. Hays confirms in great detail that ancient Israelites, like many of their Near Eastern neighbours, regarded offspring and male heirs as the best way to overcome death, believing in a proxy “immortality” through […]

Approaches to Biblical Ethics

A review of the book by Eryl Davies, The Immoral Bible: Approaches to Biblical Ethics. London: T&T Clark, 2010. A shorter version of this review was published by the Society for Old Testament Studies in 2011.

What can a preacher or commentator do when confronted with Old Testament texts which modern readers regard as […]