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10 March 2016


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Currently working in CLES (Geography and Biosciences) IT support at the University of Exeter.

Curriculum Vitae for John McKeown

Residential institutions

Eight months working at the Darvell Bruderhof community.

Website development

Supporters and events database built by me with PHP and MySQL for JRI, and well used from 2002 until 2015.

JRI website managed from 1999 until 2014. For example, report of JRI conference on Water.

Climate Stewards website created as freelance job in 2012.

Minor projects

Postcode mapping of JRI Associates using BatchGeo (anonymized, original version displayed name).

Social media

JRI Twitter account managed from March 2012 until January 2014.

Twitter personal account with 700+ followers, of whom a large proportion are research academics or environmental activists.


Publisher’s page for my book on Natalism with international academic endorsements.


The House-Hunting Game (screenshots and commentary) is for 2 to 4 players looking for a shared house. They learn GIS concepts while using tools to create factor-combining maps to enable them to find a suitable location to live. The game was programmed with Toolbook and C.

GeographyCAL was installed at most UK universities under campus licenses as Toolbook files running on Windows XP. A conference paper by the project Directors explains its pedagogy. A modified version for the 'A' Level Geography market was published by Springer. I developed 8 of the 17 modules, including Meteorology & Air Quality (screenshots) and these other modules: Biogeography and Ecology, Regional Economic Change, Social Survey Design, Quaternary Environmental Change, and Geographical Information Systems (with case studies on Water Utilities, Retail location, Crop yields).

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